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Think of our colouring.angels like lip gloss for your hair. These four conditioning color glosses come in AUTUMN, SUGARED, CRYSTAL and COOL to impart a kiss of color and a dose of shine, and have been created as the perfect treatment between color services for color longevity, brightness and balance. Use our COLOuRING.ANGELS on lightened or colored hair to refresh, enhance or tone color while moisturizing and delivering shine, all with multi-tonal results.

AUTUMN.ANGEL adds a luminous shine and soft apricot rosé shade for natural or rose gold locks.

SUGARED.ANGEL is a creamy beige that mutes unwanted warmth to create a luminous, natural vanilla tone for the hair.

CRYSTAL.ANGEL is an illuminating clear gloss to enhance existing color and create a unique clear top coat.

COOL.ANGEL magnifies cool ash shades and removes stubborn red and orange hues from the hair.